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IN-SYNCH™ for Sage 100 ERP

IN-SYNCH is a Sage 100 ERP (formerly MAS90 & MAS200) ODBC integration module that allows for specific integration of the accounting systems customer records, order entry, and inventory process into a 3rd party ODBC database -- and including web-based automation. 

While there are other integration solutions available, this Development Partner module is uniquely designed specifically for real-time integration to and from the entire Sales Order process. Using
IN-SYNCH will save you many hours of customizing another, more generic solution. And it enables you to select the web site store you want.  


IN-SYNCH is an application that performs the role of synchronizing a website shopping cart, or most any third-party database, to Sage 100 ERP data on a real-time basis. 

Sage Software, Inc. Development Partner module, IN-SYNCH is owned by ROI Consulting, Inc. with over 300 implementationsIN-SYNCH was originally written in 1998 to solve a need for a Sage 100 customer to pull sales orders from a website; the product is customizable and can be utilized to accomplish many more Sage 100 ERP integration and synchronization needs.

IN-SYNCH is written in ProvideX, the same language as both Sage 100 ERP and works as a data management tool for the Sage 100 Standard and Advanced product lines, including the SQL version.

The integration of the Sage 100 ERP data is achieved through the use of Microsoft's Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). 
To be integratable using IN-SYNCH, the website needs to have a shopping cart that allows access to the database and the database needs to be ODBC compliant. Examples of databases we’ve integrated are MS-SQL, MySQL, Oracle and postgresql. 


The IN-SYNCH product becomes an "extension" to Sage 100's database, and it interacts with the database that drives the third-party software application (or website), and synchronizes the data shared between the two systems. 

The IN-SYNCH module allows Sage 100 ERP to become the management tool for maintaining the database, eliminating the need for double entry of data, while allowing the store front or front-end solution to continue to function if Sage 100 ERP should become unavailable.  IN-SYNCH
achieves this by queuing the transactions to be processed, and monitoring the queue to ensure error free transactions. 

The built-in "watchdog" program continually watches for activity (i.e. new sales orders being entered on the website or via the third-party database) and automatically transfers them to the appropriate data file.  This unique watchdog program allows
IN-SYNCH to operate virtually "hands-free," with no user-intervention required.

is a product developed under full compliance with the Sage Software, Inc. Development Partner program. The capabilities, systems requirements and/or compatibility with third-party products described herein are subject to change without notice